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Nail care Cont......

Biotin, is the only supplement scientifically proven to improve nail health. Try basecoats with biotin to not only lengthen the life of your manicure, but it is also the perfect protection for those heading sea-side, where high salt and moisture can soften and split nails.

Oil-up to protect and moisturize, coating hands and nails in natural oils to moisturize is key to growing healthy nails. It will help make cuticles look better and help protect nails from breaking due to a lack of moisture!

Here is one of our favorites!

In this scorching weather, nothing sounds better than a few days of good hair that doesn't involve a blow-dryer.

Dry shampoo, which uses oil-absorbing powders to zap grease, makes hair look textured and clean, even when it's been a few days between washings (or when a little perspiration turned a great blowout limp). Simply spray on dry hair, brush to distribute and fluff hair back to life!

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​Hair Cont......

Chlorine is one of the top damaging chemicals to summer hair! Follow these quick tips for you and your kids to help protect:

wet hair with tap water before entering pool, do not wash hair before the pool, secure hair in pony tails or braids, treat with a natural oil or conditioner before, wash soon after exiting pools treated with chlorine. For an extra kick try this chlorine shampoo, ask your hair care specialist for buying options.